Stromberg Power Booster

This product is already a legend of fuel saver products in the world today. By converting the frequency of the spark plug ignition, the fuel will burn more efficiently. However, the type of plug cable is the main issue for this process. We are fully recommend use only Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable. By installing Stromberg Power Booster, the negative charge from the spark plug will increase. This negative charge need to be deliver back to battery negative terminal as soon as posible to ensure stable ignition. The only grounding cable could help this is PCOFC power cable. Therefore LightningAudio® PCOFC Super Ignition-Earth Cable is the best choice. Once the process is successful, your car will enjoy lower fuel consumption than before while better overall engine power.
The pictures below showing that how Stromberg makes your spark plug spark better (the pictures taken by Ron in Stromberg Sales and Services Penang Showroom on 20th February 2008):-

"Spark of the spark plug plays the important role on fuel consumption and power output of an engine" ...comment from a famous mechanic in motorsport.

Closer look:-

"Stromberg makes lightning spark on your spark plug. This lightning spark is a cold spark. Therefore it will prolong the lifespan of your spark plug"... comment from the inventor

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

1. Increase power up to 20%
2. Safe fuel up to 15%
3. Less carbon developed
4. Additional up to 30,000 km longer spark plug lifespan
5. Engine start easier
6. Smooth running
7. Almost complete fuel combustion
8. Decrease engine noise


Stromberg version RR for Bike

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