Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I order your products if I am not from Malaysia?
Answer: After you made payment to us by either TT or Western Union, then we will send the product for you by air mail or courier service. You can also pay us by Paypal using credit card. Simply inform us your email and Paypal will do the rest. We also have a credit card merchant in our showroom. For those who carry MBF, UOB or Citibank credit card can enjoy easy payment of up to 24 months installment. No service charge or interest for credit card transaction.

2. I am from East Malaysia. So how do I order the products from you?
Answer: After you made payment to our Maybank 557063326431 Stromberg Sales and Services, we will send the products to you by courier service.

3. Since there are many fraud cases in online purchase. How do I trust you?
Answer: We are already doing online business for more than 7 years. We have a showroom in Penang and registered with authority. We have many experience in exporting our products to Australia, Africans, Middle East, Europeans and Americas. So these are enough for you to trust us.

4. Will your product void my new car warrantee?
Answer: In our opinion, installing our products will not going to change the factory engine setting and no side effect to the engine. So if you think our products will void new car warrantee, then changing the rims and in car entertainment will also void the new car warrantee

5. Do you provide installation?
Answer: We only can provide installation in Penang, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor area which is near to Kuala Lumpur e.g. Damansara Utama, Bandar Sunway Esso, Lowyat Plaza with no extra charge.

Stromberg Power Booster

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: Yes. The only side effect is interference the radio FM frequency. Anyhow, you still can listen to the radio but with little bit bzz noise.

2. How to overcome/solve the radio interference cause by Stromberg Power Booster?
Answer: Use the radio player that fully made in Japan. We have done this experiment and proven solve the problem permanantly.

3. Can it compatible with my original plug cable?
Answer: No. The only compatible plug cable is our Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable. Install in other plug cable will resulted in damaging the plug cable and lead to car breakdown.

4. Beside Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable, is there any other high performance plug cable that compatible?
Answer: You can find other plug cable that must has 10mm thickness in outer diameter and not more than 0.3k ohm per feet of resistant. You can check the cable resistant by digital ohmmeter or digital multimeter (we recommend at least using Sanwa that made in Japan).

5. I have done modifications on my ignition coil. So can this still work for my car?
Answer: Yes, as long as your car still using plug cable then Stromberg Power Booster is still compatible.

6. Do I need to tune my car after install this?
Answer: No need. This is a plug and play product.

7. Can you preinstall the Stromberg Power Booster in the Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable before send to me?
Answer: Yes. This is what we are usually did. So all you need to do on your part is just replace the existing plug cable with our high performance plug cable.

Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: No.

2. Can it compatible with my turbo engine?
Answer: Yes. As long as your engine is using plug cable system.

3. What is the difference about your high performance plug cable with others? Let say you compare with NGK plug cable.
Answer: The most important about the quality of the plug cable is the resistant. The lower resistant of the plug cable, the less of power loss from distributor transfered to spark plug. After our test with Sanwa Digital Multimeter, we found that Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable has the resistant of 0.2k ohm per feet while NGK 6mm Ultra high performance plug cable has 0.6k ohm. Furthermore, Quadcore has better insulation than NGK. Price wise, Quadcore is a lot cheaper than NGK. For your information, most original plug cable has the resistant of 4k ohm. Some high performance plug cable manufacturer (Pro *all**) claim their plug cable has the resistant of 0.05k ohm on the packing or advertisement. But after we measure it, we found that it has 1k ohm per feet resistant.

LightningAudio® PCOFC Super Ignition-Earth Cable

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: No.

2. I already install after market grounding cable for my car. Do I still need to install this?
Answer: For your information, most after market grounding cable even most branded names are supplying the cable purposely for power but not grounding for you. A good grounding cable is not count by how thick the cable or the jacket diameter (AWG). It is count by how thin of each strand and how many strand in a cable. A 8AWG is more than enough for a good grounding cable. Minimum strands must exceed 600 strands in order to qualify for a good grounding cable. For other grounding cable, the strands are not more than 400 strands. The second concern is the material of the strand. For other after market grounding cable, they are using normal copper or oxigen free copper which is still not enough. LightningAudio Super Ignition-Earth is using PCOFC (pure chrystal oxigen free copper) and it works great even with only 1 cable only so that your engine bay will not look so messy with a lot after market grounding cables around. For your information, too many cables on the engine bay will not help the ventilation and this will causing increase of engine bay heat. What we advice you is replace your after market with our LightningAudio Super PCOFC Ignition-Earth although both of them can work together.

3. I have installed a voltage stabilizer on the battery. So do this compatible with it?
Answer: Yes. It is compatible. Install this will help your voltage stabilizer works greater.

Lightning Package

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: Yes. Because Stromberg Power Booster is in the package and will cause interfere with FM radio frequency.

2. Since Stromberg Power Booster is in this package and I don't want any interference with my radio, can I omit Stromberg Power Booster from this package or maybe can replace by other your product?
Answer: If Stromberg Power Booster is taken out of this package, then it will not call Lightning Package anymore. Stromberg Power Booster can give lightning spark for any kind of spark plug. The purpose we call this a Lightning Package is because of the combination with Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable and LightningAudio Super PCOFC Ignition-Earth, the greater lightning spark will produce for any kind of spark plug. However, you can replace it with our I-FC and enjoy the same price.

NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: No.

2. Between this and Denso IK iridium, which is better?
Answer: Since both of them are using iridium, they should be almost the same on the spark quality. We found that the connector of Denso Iridium IK can be loosen after few weeks of usage. Once it is loosen, the resistant will be increase and lead to misfiring for your spark plug and decrease the lifespan of the plug cable, ignition coil and distributor. Of course, the reduce in HP and higher in FC will be significant. NGK Iridium IX cannot be loosen because it is sticked. So in this case, we choose NGK Iridium IX.

Intelligent Fuel Charger (I-FC)

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: No.

Intelligent Voltage Stabilizer (I-VS)

1. Is there any side effect?
Answer: No.