Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable

After years of experiment, finally we have found that this plug cable fully compatible with Stromberg Power Booster. It is fully fit with Stromberg Power Booster. With its lowest resistant (0.2k ohm) and multicores, it helps to boost more power and lower more fuel consumption for your car. We can customized it for various car model.
Install this multicore high performance plug cable will not giving any site effect. No radio interference created. It is proven to make the spark plugs spark better than before..

"Spark of the spark plug plays the important role on fuel consumption and power output of an engine" ...comment from a famous mechanic in motorsport.

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

1. Increase power up to 10%
2. Safe fuel up to 10%
3. Less carbon developed
4. Longer spark plug lifespan due to lower carbon develop in the combustion area
5. Engine start easier
6. Smooth running
7. Better fuel combustion
8. Decrease engine noise

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