Lightning Package

The Lightning Package is the combination of Stromberg Power Booster, Quadcore™ 10mm High Performance Plug Cable and LightningAudio® PCOFC Super Ignition-Earth Cable. This combination is almost completely upgrade the ignition system. Of course, installing the Iridium spark plug with this combination will be another step of the upgrade.

"Spark of the spark plug plays the important role on fuel consumption and power output of an engine" ...comment from a famous mechanic in motorsport.

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

1. Increase power up to 25%
2. Safe fuel up to 30%
3. Less carbon developed
4. Longer spark plug lifespan due to lower carbon develop in the combustion area
5. Engine start easier
6. Smooth running
7. Better fuel combustion
8. Decrease engine noise
9. Almost complete fuel combustion
10. Prolong battery lifespan
11. Decrease battery woking temperature
12. Prolong starter lifespan
13. Prolong alternator/dynamo lifespan
14. Reduce powerloss due to aircond functioning
15. Prolong electronic lifespan
16. Improve electronic performance

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