LightningAudio® PCOFC Super Ignition-Earth System

The additional LightningAudio® PCOFC 735 strands Super Ignition-Earth Cable has a conductor circumference 3 times the normal wire. This improves the firing speed by reducing voltage loss and increasing conductivity of high frequency waves released by the ignition coil. Moreover, by facilitating ionization during combustion, it improves gas mileage and engine torque.
Lightningaudio® PCOFC(pure chrystal oxigen-free-copper, higher standard than any OFC) is 1 of the best cable for ignition-earth purpose. This cable can stand at the heat of up to 240 Deg Cel (maximum heat in car engine bay at 95 Deg Cel). By using this system, you can forget about installing the multipoint aftermarket grounding cables (we have tested few cars already). Installing multipoint grounding cables will mess the engine bay and making unnecessary hassles for the mechanic.
Install this system will not giving any site effect. It is proven to increase the sound output quality in terms of SQ(sound quality) and SPL(sound power level). It is proven to make the spark plugs spark brighter and more accurate than before.

"The high frequency waves that occur upon ignition are the primary element in the delay of initial voltage in the ignition coil which secondarily causes the slowdown of initial firing speed resulting in the poor combustion. Due to this one effective method was to add earth between the ignition coil ground and the battery minus. But because the higher frequency waves run through the only the narrow space on the outside wall of the wire conductor, the results were minimal at best. But because the IGNITION EARTH cable has been designed with as a composite type cable with a wire for high frequencies built-in and an outer wall circumference 3 times normal, the results are increased conductivity for high frequency waves, faster initial speed upon ignition, and the facilitation of ionization during combustion, which in turn improves gas mileage and engine torque. This earth cable must atleast OFC(Oxigen Free Copper) Standard and multi strands (300 and above) otherwise useless..." theory from a Japanese automobile expert.

"With all of the advanced engineering going into modern cars, one thing that has been overlooked by major car manufacturers is a good grounding system dedicated specifically to the ignition. It may not seem like much, but by installing these wires you will see an increase in power, brighter lights, smoother idle and improved sound quality. You may be skeptical, but increases as much as 7 ft. lbs. torque and 5 horsepower increase throughout the rev range is common." another theory from an American automobile expert.

"Spark of the spark plug plays the important role on fuel consumption and power output of an engine" ...comment from a famous mechanic in motorsport.

Benefits to the engine after installation:-

1. Increase power up to 8%
2. Safe fuel up to 8%
3. Less carbon developed
4. Longer spark plug lifespan due to lower carbon develop in the combustion area
5. Engine start easier
6. Smooth running
7. Better fuel combustion
8. Reduce engine noise
9. Improve battery performance
10. Prolong battery lifespan
11. Decrease battery woking temperature
12. Prolong starter lifespan
13. Prolong alternator/dynamo lifespan
14. Reduce powerloss due to aircond functioning
15. Prolong electronic lifespan
16. Improve electronic performance

*This image differs somewhat from reality.

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